May 7 2017 Why Tantric Gay Sex is the best experience you will ever haveCategory: General     08:49AM   0

Gay Tantric Massage has been said to be the best sexual release a man can ever have, with complete relaxation, heightened sensations and a beautiful erotic gay masseuse like Magnus, Tantric Gay Sex is the best experience you will ever have.

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Mar 23 2017 The Benefits of an Exclusive Arrangement with a Gay EscortCategory: General     05:42AM   0

Meeting a Gay Escort for the first time can be exhilarating, nerve wracking or a combination of both. One of the best ways to enjoy the time spent with a Gay Escort is to have an exclusive arrangement with a handsome and attentive escort for as long as you want.

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Feb 27 2017 Gay Tantra – Candles, Sex & SensualityCategory: General     09:22AM   0

Sensuality is at the heart of everything good tantric sex is all about. The meeting of touch, spirituality and sensual expression creates a real rhythm between bodies and minds. Gay Tantric Massage is a true art form that blends the best of tantric teachings with sensual massage and truly orgasmic sex. Magnus can guide you to new expressions and feelings in sensuality and sexuality that you have not yet known were there, all with his strong hands, sexy body and beautiful eyes.

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Feb 12 2017 Exotic Locations to have a Gay MassageCategory: General     09:21AM   0

A Gay Massage performed by someone as delicious as Magnus is simply a joy, imagine his tantric touch all over your body, his strong hands moving rhythmically to your pleasure while looking into his sexy green eyes.

Gay Tantric Massage

A tantric massage performed by an expert Tantra Master is a pleasure anywhere but we opened our imaginations to think of the sexiest, most exotic places to have a Gay Massage:

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Jan 26 2017 Sexy Aromatherapy Oils for a Tantric Gay MassageCategory: General     12:34AM   0

Tantric gay massage is seeing an upsurge in popularity, and it isn't hard to see why! Tantra, and Gay Tantric Sex, have a lot to offer and don’t need aromatherapy oils to have a great experience but if you want to add something a little extra then an aromatherapy option is something to think about.

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Jan 10 2017 Romance is more than Great Gay SexCategory: General     08:32AM   0

With Valentine’s day approaching many men’s thoughts turn to not only great gay sex but also romance and companionship. Many men in London, across the UK and further afield often want more than a great gay massage or exciting gay sex but also a more intimate boyfriend experience once in a while.

International companion, Gay Escort and Tantra Master Magnus is one of the few who can truly deliver on Romance along with a great physical experience.

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Dec 28 2016 What is an International Gay Escort?Category: General     08:49AM   0

You may have seen the term International Gay Escort, but not been entirely sure what that means – here is a quick look at what an International Gay Escort is, the services they offer and if one is right for you.

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Dec 12 2016 Be good to yourself this New Year and book some sensual time with a Gay Tantric Escort!Category: General     11:48AM   0

The New Year is a time to reflect and live a life more fulfilled, do things that make you happy and being sexually and soulfully enriched is one of the best resolutions you can have.

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Nov 30 2016 Give yourself the gift of sensuality this Christmas SeasonCategory: General     09:43AM   0

Christmas is a great point in the year to treat yourself. An end point to the year, a time to celebrate and reflect on all you have achieved over the year and a time to spend some time on yourself.

Festive Treat

If you are wishing this festive season for a hot sexy lover with a beautiful body, lovely warm personality and none of the hassle of a traditional relationship then contact Magnus and arrange to spend some quality time together.

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Nov 11 2016 Why Sensuality and Tantra lead to better OrgasmsCategory: General     09:42AM   0

A skilled Tantra Master is a joy, and one who is as skilled and beautiful as Magnus is something very special indeed.

Tantric Gay Escort

Green eyes, a sensual soul and incredible hands make Magnus the best Gay Escort in London and the UK. He knows that the link between spirituality and sexuality make for a mind blowing sexual experience that is fulfilling and rewarding and the link between sensuality, tantra and great orgasms are intrinsically linked.

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Oct 26 2016 Five Great Gay Sex Positions for Tantric SexCategory: General     10:57AM   0

London Gay Tantric Escort

Tantra can be embraced by everyone, but some sexual positions lend themselves to this ancient art more than others. Here, we will take a look at some of the very best positions, ones which will certainly not fail to set the sexual energy flowing between you and your Tantra Master.

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Oct 10 2016 Tantric Sex and BDSMCategory: General     11:55AM   0

London Gay Escort

Over the years, Tantric Sex has developed in popularity, as lovers and playmates have realised how this sensual art can increase erotic pleasure, while sustaining - and heightening - the levels of trust and excitement within their sex lives. This is one of the reasons why Magnus specialises in Tantra, has become a Tantra Master, as a Gay Escort he is able to deliver some of the best sexual experiences in London and across Europe.

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Sep 26 2016 Sex toys for Gay Tantric Massage Category: General     10:33AM   0

Tantric massage, shared between two people, when practiced correctly, is phenomenal.  This ancient art, which bestows upon you both an intimate level of sensuality, and the transferral of energy, allowing you to become at one, on both a physical and an emotional level, with your lover, is highly beneficial, not only for your psychological well-being, but for your physical health too. With this in mind, the practice of combining this discipline with the use of certain sex toys and devic

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Sep 10 2016 Meeting in Europe – A Great Gay Tantric ExperienceCategory: General     05:32AM   0

London is well known as the Gay Capital of the world, and no wonder - with the UK’s liberal attitude, a history of promoting Gay Rights and an incredible Gay Scene that has grown from the sexy Soho area – London is a great place to be.

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Aug 30 2016 A Sensual Guide to Gay LondonCategory: General     09:02AM   0

As an expert Gay Tantric Masseur based in London, sensuality is incredibly important. More than sexual fulfilment Gay Tantra is a way to reconnect with sensuality, your inner being and it can combine body, mind and soul in a way no other experience can. Based in London the expert Gay Tantric Companion Magnus finds special time and places in this busy capital to refresh and reboot his sensuality.

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