Aug 12 2016 What to Expect When Meeting a Gay Tantric CompanionCategory: General     08:59AM   0

Many men have seen Magnus and desired him for his beautiful body, highly skilled tantric hands and warm and friendly personality, often if you are thinking of spending time with a Gay Tantric Companion for the first time you can be nervous about etiquette and what will happen when you meet.

Here is some basic information about spending time with a Gay Companion and enjoying your first gay tantric massage.

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Jul 30 2016 The best European Cities to get a Gay Tantric MassageCategory: General     11:05AM   0

Gay Tantric Massage

As a Tantra Companion, Magnus is incredibly well travelled across Europe and the world. Some cities in Europe are romantic, sensual and sexy in their own right and when you combine a beautiful place, with a beautiful man like Magnus and his highly skilled tantric hands, you get an explosion of passion and sexual, sensual energy.

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Jul 18 2016 What Is Tantric Sex?Category: General     10:58AM   0

Gay Tantric Escort

Tantric sex is an ancient art, which dates back over five thousand years. It is an incredibly sensual act, one which combines the use of touch, and breath, to control the energy one projects whilst making love with their partner. Exploring tantric sex with a tantric master like Magnus is a truly rewarding and spiritual experience.

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Jul 12 2016 Exploring the Boyfriend Experience with a Gay EscortCategory: General     07:21AM   0

In our fast paced modern world with all its pressures sometimes finding ‘the one’ can be a challenge. In the meantime, many Gay Men want more than one night stands or a succession of unsuitable, short lived relationships to fulfil not only their sexual needs but also their sensual, and soulful needs.

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Jul 3 2016 What is Tantric MassageCategory: General     07:31AM   0

A slower pace of pleasure, a sensual orgasmic experience, this is how many people describe tantric massage. From a skilled Tantra Master like Magnus these sensual experiences bring together body and mind for a truly special experience.


Why massage is good for you


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