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A skilled Tantra Master is a joy, and one who is as skilled and beautiful as Magnus is something very special indeed.

Tantric Gay Escort

Green eyes, a sensual soul and incredible hands make Magnus the best Gay Escort in London and the UK. He knows that the link between spirituality and sexuality make for a mind blowing sexual experience that is fulfilling and rewarding and the link between sensuality, tantra and great orgasms are intrinsically linked.

Tantric Gay Sex

Tantric Gay Sex is a whole new way of looking at how you experience sex - well, new is relative - but this method, of course, has been around for millennia, having been practiced by humanity for centuries in Eastern countries. The reason Tantra ensures is that it fulfils sexual desire and the soul.

Tantra is Uncomplicated

Tantra isn't as complicated as you may presume, and the initial process of how it works is actually very easy to understand, what sometimes gets in the way is our inherent Western approach to the attitude of sex, and sexual intercourse, between two people. Everything in this universe is made up of energy - energy flows through everything we touch, including our own selves. When you meet someone for the first time, some people you immediately get a “feel” for, and you feel compelled to want to talk to them, whereas others, you may prefer to stay away from - this is due to the energy that they personally exude, which our subconscious detects.

Tantric Energy & Sexuality

Tantra works in the same way. It is very easy to dismiss Tantra, and Gay Tantric Sex, as a fad, but it actually goes much deeper than this. It is science, physics to be precise, combined with the human psyche – and when balanced with one’s sexual energy, combined with that of another, leads to mind-blowing, explosive orgasms. This energy in the hands of a skilled Gay Tantra Master like Magnus creates a truly sensual, sexual experience.

Tantra focuses on sensuality - it centres around touch and connection. This connection combines two people’s sexual energy, which in turn builds up sensually. Touch assists the energy transferal, allowing it to flow through both people with ease, making the law of attraction intense - and in some cases, overwhelming. If you did feel overwhelmed by this, however, it is easy to take things slower; this sensation is something which will pass - it is only an accumulation of the conditioned beliefs and culture that we have grown up with, rising to the surface, and subsequently being expelled.

Orgasmic Joy

The majority of people will experience stronger orgasms after just one session of tantric sex, but it is possible, with continuous use, that men will be able to experience multiple orgasms. This becomes attainable because you won't always ejaculate - Tantra builds up control, without your realising it, so you experience the sensations of ejaculation without physically producing any semen. When you do finally cum, you will find that it's released slowly, and this causes a lengthy, mind-blowing orgasm like no other.

Tantric Gay Escort

Sensuality, the exploration of your bodies needs and requirements, led by the hands of a Tantric Gay Escort like Magnus will let you discover places in your body and feelings that you did not know before and will be longing to try again.

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