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The New Year is a time to reflect and live a life more fulfilled, do things that make you happy and being sexually and soulfully enriched is one of the best resolutions you can have.

Consider the Tantric Sex Approach

Have you ever considered the benefits of tantric sex? Tantric sex is not only physically pleasurable, but it also hinges upon something far more spiritual; a factor which positively affects your overall well-being, ensuring that you are calmer, and more fulfilled sexually - on both a mental, and a physical, level.

Tantra, and tantric sex, is an ancient act, which opens up the energy channels which run through all of us, allowing sexual energy to pass between two people, unblocking our chakras, enabling this energy to traverse our bodies with ease. By performing this action, you help release any anxieties whether they are physical or mental and achieve a deeper sense of orgasmic pleasure.

Tantric Gay Escort Benefits

Practising Tantra with a skilled Tantric Gay Escort like Magnus will also establish a control of orgasm, and it is even possible for men to climax without ejaculation, multiple times, leading to stronger and longer orgasms, both when practicing Tantra and also after. If you are intrigued by Tantra, and how it could be beneficial for you, then arranging some quality time with a gay tantric escort may be just what you need. Magnus provides a range of services but all are a sensual experience, which focuses on Tantra techniques, massage and pleasure. Choose to be good to yourself this New Year and discover better pleasures, deeper satisfaction and mind blowing pleasure.

Mind Blowing Orgasms

Being in the capable hands of a Gay Tantric Escort will help you relax, as this experience is often something new - it is only natural to have some anxieties new things, but as soon as you feel Magnus’ strong hands over your body, you will feel a deepening sense of pleasure that develops over the time you spend together. Tantra can be enjoyed wherever you are, Magnus is based in London but is happy to travel to wherever you are for as long as you need. He offers not only a skilled hand but also sparkling conversation, a well groomed outlook, complete discretion and a great sense of humour.

Gay Tantra Master Magnus

If you are looking for something to truly turn your New Year goals into a sexually 2017 then spending time regularly with Magnus will achieve this. As an Elite Gay Escort Magnus offers a range of packages to fit into your busy schedule or travel plans. Having someone who cares just for you, ensures you are sexually satisfied and develops a relaxed sense of wellbeing is very important in our fast-paced modern world. To slow down, even for a short time, and enjoy the pleasures of tantra, good conversation and an increased sense of wellbeing in 2017 talk to Magnus today about your needs and let him fulfil your every fantasy.

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