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A Gay Massage performed by someone as delicious as Magnus is simply a joy, imagine his tantric touch all over your body, his strong hands moving rhythmically to your pleasure while looking into his sexy green eyes.

Gay Tantric Massage

A tantric massage performed by an expert Tantra Master is a pleasure anywhere but we opened our imaginations to think of the sexiest, most exotic places to have a Gay Massage:

Gay Massage on Safari

There is always something romantic and magical about a safari. Rustic tents, big game viewing, watching the sunset from basecamp with a glass of wine and then heading back into the safari tent for a tantric massage. Find your privacy and then open the doors to the tent so you can enjoy the view while a Gay Tantra Master works his hard, firm magic all over your body – enjoying each other until the safari sunsets.

Las Vegas Tantric Massage

Glamorous, Luxurious and full of fun – Las Vegas is the place to party and be pampered and what could be better than a sensual tantric massage from an experienced and beautiful Tantra Master in the glossy luxe surroundings of a Las Vegas Hotel!

Private Island Erotic Gay Massage

Spending time on a Private Island, relaxing on the white soft beaches and swimming in the crystal-clear waters in complete privacy sounds like heaven. Served delicious foods and drinks on a soft lounger with the sun shining and the great company of a gay companion like Magnus, the only thing we can think of to make this scene better is to include a Tantric Massage, on the beach looking out to the ocean, or even when it gets cooler under the stars.

Ski Chalet Tantric Massage

One of the best things about skiing is the après-ski element. Imagine a hard days skiing before heading back to a roaring fire in your chalet, and a warming, soothing, sensual, erotic massage to get you refreshed and revived for another day on the slopes.

Exclusive London Hotel

London is one of the most amazing cities in the world and international escorts like Magnus make this there home because of its exceptional culture, and transport links to the rest of the world. It also has some of the best hotel suites on the planet and the only thing we think we might enjoy more than a chill out evening in a sumptuous London hotel is adding a Tantric Gay Massage into the mix. Yes please, more please.

Gay Massage with a Sea View

Have you ever imaged having an erotic gay tantric massage with a Sea View. Private villas with sea views are available across the Europe and they are special, magical, private places where beautiful views can combine with magical tantric touch and extraordinary orgasms. 

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