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Sensuality is at the heart of everything good tantric sex is all about. The meeting of touch, spirituality and sensual expression creates a real rhythm between bodies and minds. Gay Tantric Massage is a true art form that blends the best of tantric teachings with sensual massage and truly orgasmic sex. Magnus can guide you to new expressions and feelings in sensuality and sexuality that you have not yet known were there, all with his strong hands, sexy body and beautiful eyes.

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There are a lot of items that can contribute to sensuality but candles must be one of the very best, from creating a soft glow to experiencing new sensations and creating an aura of warmth and strength while enjoying a gay tantric massage is what expert Tantra masters are really good at.

Candles, Massage and tantric sex go so well together so let’s have a look at why:

Creating the right ambience

Soft lighting always helps you get in the sensual or sexual mood, while turning off the main lights and having soft lamp lighting is nice, there is just something a little special about getting aroused by candlelight. The soft glow of the candles are always romantic and sensual helping you get in the mood for a really enjoyable tantric experience. Candles also flicker a little, this links to the rhythm of a sensual tantric gay massage and adds to the sexual rhythm helping you have an explosive orgasm.

Candle Play

As romantic as candles are, they can also be used to add stimulation for sexual pleasure. Dripping or even pouring the hot wax onto a horny body can cause waves of pleasure. Candle play is great as it can be incorporated into a massage very easily adding just a little extra touch and sensation. It is hot but not very painful just enough for a gasp of pleasure when the warm wax meets the body. It can also be dripped or poured on pretty much any place on the body including sexy erogenous zones or more liberally on the back or chest. You can also get special candles, or massage oils that can be warmed for a similar feeling if the wax aspect is a little much for you.

Bathtime Relaxation

Sensuality is very much the sense of happiness, relaxation and arousal and having a warm bath surrounded with candles is one of the most relaxing and romantic things you can do. Taking a bath with a sexy man before you have sex lets you relax together and explore each other’s bodies under the water, relaxation and arousal in one warm bath, if you choose to have a warm bath after you have climaxed then the relaxation and warm water will make you feel like you are on cloud nine – and remember a bath is also a great place for a soft massage.

Whether you want to enjoy a Tantic Gay Massage, want to explore a little wax play or even just enjoy the flickering candle light to relax by before or after your mind blowing orgasm, Magnus will make every part of your body feel sexy, sensual and satisfied.

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