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As an expert Gay Tantric Masseur based in London, sensuality is incredibly important. More than sexual fulfilment Gay Tantra is a way to reconnect with sensuality, your inner being and it can combine body, mind and soul in a way no other experience can. Based in London the expert Gay Tantric Companion Magnus finds special time and places in this busy capital to refresh and reboot his sensuality.

Beautiful London Gardens

A place to reconnect with nature, is also a place to reconnect with your soul. London’s parks parks and beautiful, full of life and places to relax and re-energize. Sensuality and spirituality can be found in many places, sharing a bottle of wine or a late evening picnic in London’s parks, chatting, dating, getting to know one and other is a perfect place to start a sensual gay tantric journey.

London Gay Tantric Massage

Getting a Gay Tantric Massage in London has to be the best combination of sexuality and spirituality. Mind blowing orgasms are just the start of a tantric encounter, click here for the full range of experiences offered by Magnus.

A Tantric Massage is quite simply a truly sensual massage with a very intense and relaxing sexual release. It is also known as a gay erotic massage or sometimes simply as a Gay Massage. While these descriptions are used, a gay tantric massage really goes deeper - and can be profoundly affecting when delivered by a skilled tantric gay escort.

Find yourself in a London Gallery

Sometimes you have to look outside yourself, to enable you to find your inner self, fortunately one of the best places for contemplation, soft thoughts and soul searching is in an art gallery. Amongst the giants of art, explore their body mind and soul in the imagery they left behind. From the stunning pictures at the National Portrait Gallery to unique pieces at the V&A and historical masterpieces at the British Museum. Letting your mind wander and imagine through these museums and gallery can be spiritually rewarding and it is also a wonderful place for a date, to create thought provoking conversation before heading home for some tantric relaxation.

London Sensual Hotels

London has some of the best and most luxurious hotels in the world, perfect for a tantric experience. The rooftop suites at the Bermondsey Square Hotel in Southwark has stunning views and a private outdoor hot tub. Room 404 at Sanctum Soho is as luxurious as it is naughty – a perfect get away from it all, release your mind and body to the beautiful hands of a gay tantric masseur. London has many magical hotels and any can be made sensuous and relaxing with the help of some relaxing candles and a mind blowing Gay Tantric Massage.

Gay Tantra Companion in London

London is such an extraordinary city, peace, tranquillity, spirituality and sensuality can be found in many places including fashion, art, food and friends. For a discreet companion in London who offers extraordinary sensual services visit :

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