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Tantric massage, shared between two people, when practiced correctly, is phenomenal.  This ancient art, which bestows upon you both an intimate level of sensuality, and the transferral of energy, allowing you to become at one, on both a physical and an emotional level, with your lover, is highly beneficial, not only for your psychological well-being, but for your physical health too. With this in mind, the practice of combining this discipline with the use of certain sex toys and devices ensures that the sexual energy that you will share with your lover, or playmate, by using these appliances whilst practicing tantra, can be simply out of this world for you both.

One item that every guy should own, regardless, is a prostate massager.  These devices are available in various sizes, and some also boast varying vibration patterns. These massagers are slim by design, allowing them to slip into the back passage with ease, with a bulbous end that is specially contrived to stimulate the prostate, which is located roughly two inches inside the rectum, on the upper wall. You can often feel the prostate when you insert a finger; it is a smooth, walnut-shaped area, which swells once it is stimulated. It's otherwise known as the “male g-spot”. Stimulation of the prostate has holistic properties as well as the potential to supply simply explosive orgasms and climaxes. Take your time to discover your partner’s prostate - and you will transform his sex life.

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Butt Plugs can also be used within tantra; these items can be inserted during the massage, to help your lover relax, so penetration thereby becomes easier.

Cock Rings are versatile, varied items and should fit snugly, yet not hurt, with regards to its projected level of constraint. Some models are available with a vibrating function, which can stimulate the scrotum specifically, whilst you massage the prostate, for an all-over body experience. Some people have also reported that wearing a cock ring during tantric massage helps prolong erection, in addition to providing you with a stronger, and longer, ejaculation.

Any equipment which can transform, or even enhance, your sensory perception, works very well alongside tantric massage. Blindfolds, for example, not only add a sense of suspense and anticipation, but make your other senses work overtime, ensuring that touch, and smell, are intensified so much, they can deliver a whole new sensation, which you can feel from top to toe, and which makes you tingle all over, as your skin and muscles are stimulated in such a fashion that you will want to make a tricky massage with sex toys a regular part of your sex life! Using good quality massage oil is beneficial to the procedure - look for ones which include natural ingredients and oils. Some of these are designed to stimulate nerve endings and bring warmth to your muscles, both inside and out.

Always practice tantric massage when you are relaxed, comfortable and in a warm environment; setting the scene is only ever propitious when one indulges in such pastimes.

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